Friday, January 2, 2009

My Wife Hates Me....

....really she does. I know to some that may sound insane, but to others it may ring so true. And let me be clear: I do not hate my's just that she hates me. Actually, I find her ability to exist day to day with me quite amazing.

I know I am incapable of co-existing with someone I hate, but she gets it done. I marvel at her perseverance. Think about it, do you think you could live your life, day in & day out with someone you hate? I didn't think so. She is sort of masochist or something.

Could it be that some of the fault is mine? I guess so.......but most of the time I do not even know what will get her angry. One time she got fucking furious with me because the inside of the garbage bag got tomato sauce on it. Mind you, the garbage is bag is inside one of those kitchen garbage cans(see pic, right). I did not get a drop of sauce on the actual can---I am talking about the bag that goes inside! I was fucking cleaning of a plate of spaghetti! I challenge you to keep your garbage clean. How the hell was I supposed to guess that tomato sauce touching the inner wall of a garbage bag was the wrong thing to do?

Like I said, and I did not stutter, my wife hates me........really she does.

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